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Have you ever seen a sound
Have you listened to an image
Have you ever touched a thought
Have you ever tasted nothing
Have you ever told a lie
That was true more than truth
Because truth it had lied
All its life when it spoke to you?
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Have you ever
Been so happy that you're sad?
That the lights turn to stars
And the stars become eyes
And hello's are goodbye's
And the laughs are the sigh's
And the show disappears with the note
"until next time'

Long live living
If living can be this
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I'm turning out the lights
to remember how to see
until a renaissance takes place
and resuscitates the color of paint and divinity
What if we already are
who we’ve been dying to become
in certain light I can plainly see
a reflection of magnificence
hidden in you
maybe even in me
Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist.
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